Tuition, Kit and Fees are subject to change – Please contact the Director of Admissions for current tuition information.

During your visit to our school, you will be given a school catalog and your admissions counselor will discuss tuition and fees. Grants, student loans, scholarships, and payment plans may be available when developing your personal financial aid package.  Actual out of pocket costs are often mitigated by the student’s financial aid package. Federal financial aid is based on the students need.  Prospective students are encouraged to visit the Admissions officer for free assistance in filing the financial aid forms.

Tuition & Additional Costs

COSMETOLOGY$243.00$2,743.33$16,750.00$ 20,062.70
MANICURING$243.00$1,854.80$ 3,351.00$ 5,554.80
INSTRUCTOR TRAINING:800 HOURS$243.00$ 144.00$ 8,936.00$ 9,509.00

* Fees include: Application fee, Grad/Drop fee, State of NH fee, Passport Picture/ID fee.

Text Book ISBN

Salon Fundamental Cosmetology Text book/study guide Package:
ISBN 978-1-934636-75-6

Fish:  ISBN0-7868-6602-0

Milady’s Student Reference for Anatomy & Physiology:
ISBN: 978-1-4018-9747-5

The Job Hunting Book:
ISBN: 978-0-940712-77-5