We have following programs


Cosmetology Program-FT


Cosmetology 1500 Hours Full Time Program: 30 hours weekly Tuesdays through Saturdays 9:00 am to 3:30 pm A 1,500-hour program covering all areas of cosmetology, qualifying the student for the NH or VT licensing exams. Approximately one year to completion when attending full time (2 years part time.) The full time schedule meets from 9am to 3:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Our program of study is different and unique in many ways. To insure that students become proficient in each area, we have set achievement standards for each practical skill. In this way each student has a clear understanding of what is expected in the categories of speed, skill and coordination. The academic program utilizes an outstanding library of educational videos and CDs.   Our program covers instruction in practical skills as well as such topics as: hair chemistry and biology, chemical reformation, make-up and skin care, salon retailing and professional relationships. Our teaching program does not stop here. Other teaching methods include: guest speakers, technical demonstrations and many small workshops limited to each various skill level. Our overall approach is to use the training techniques which create interest, motivation and total student involvement. The school utilizes a comprehensive computerized student management system that is designed to give monthly feedback to each student regarding their individual progress including grades and attendance as well as their financial records. Students are required to buy and keep updated a kit of professional tools and textbooks for their training. The student may purchase the kit items on their own from Beauty Industry Suppliers or NESHD will provide each student with their kit. Attendance will be held at abeyance if the student has not purchased a suitable kit approved by the school, one month prior to the start of classes. NESHD reserves the right to make changes or substitutions to the kit items as necessary to respond to the needs of the program. *All our programs are approved by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, the New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology and Esthetics (2 Industrial Park Drive, Concord, NH), and the United States Department of Education. To be licensed by the state of New Hampshire (and states with reciprocal agreements), the student must complete clock hours of training as described in our Catalog. We recognize the incredible diversity of career choices within the cosmetology industry, and that such diversity and strength is founded an each individual's creative and entrepreneurial intellect. In order to nurture and stimulate growth and development of each student, we use a variety of educational approaches and instructional methods in each of our programs.

Manicuring Course

300 HOURS Schedule: Customized to needs of teacher/student The school offers a program of 300 hours that will qualify the graduate to take the NH State Licensing Examination for a Manicurist License and then go to work as a Nail Technician in a nail salon or beauty salon. The state of VT requires an additional 100 hours in order for the student to take the VT State Licensing Examination. Students may complete the extra 100 hours at NESHD in order to take the VT test. An additional charge will apply for these 100 extra hours. The course includes instruction in all manicuring and pedicuring techniques, as well as, sculptured nails, nail tips, wraps and nail repair. Starting dates are determined by class interest. The school reserves the right to cancel, or postpone a starting date at any time before the first day of class. The Manicuring course begins by providing a foundation of knowledge in professional ethics, sanitation, safety, anatomy and disorders and then progresses through the practical skills of client consultation, manicures, pedicures, artificial nails and business skills. The scope of the course includes both theory and practical skills; with approximately 100 hours of theory to be expected.

Teacher Training Course


Schedule: Customized to meet the needs of the student Our school offers a program to train Cosmetology teachers. The successful completion of this course will make the graduate eligible for the State of New Hampshire examination for licensing as a Cosmetology Teacher. Applicants must have a NH Cosmetology License or be scheduled for the exam. The total length of the course is 800 hours. Licensed Cosmetologists who have completed at least 12 months of employment in a salon may be credited with as many as 300 hours towards the completion of the course. Requirements for graduation are that the student complete all required hours, and receive passing evaluations in all areas. Upon graduation the student will be awarded a diploma indicating successful completion of the course requirements and the student will be eligible to take the NH Licensing examination. Upon being licensed, the student may practice as a licensed instructor. The Teacher Training course includes both practical and academic training. Theory discussions, interactive CD Rom and videos cover teaching methodology along with supervised practice with the lead teacher. The student develops skills in classroom management, student relations, testing and lesson planning and laboratory management. Starting dates are assigned on an individual basis when the school is staffed to provide adequate supervision.

Nuts and Bolts Training Program

The New England School of Hair Design is proud to announce that they are now a member of the Nuts and Bolts Training Program. Nuts and Bolts Training Company the premier training program developer for beauty schools and salon/spa professionals introduce the ProGrow Teaching System training programs for students and licensed professionals and is now included as part of the curriculum with many courses at New England School of Hair Design. This innovative training program allows course attendees to learn “success secrets” that when applied, can make the difference between earning a mediocre income and a 5 Star income. Thousands of students nationwide have taken this course and as a result, are now delivering legendary customer service, while building their businesses and making money fast. Students who graduate from a Nuts and Bolts Member School can expect to start their career with all the tools they need for success.