Nuts and Bolts Training Program

Nuts and Bolts Training Program

The New England School of Hair Design is proud to announce that they are now a member of the Nuts and Bolts Training Program.

Nuts and Bolts Training Company the premier training program developer for beauty schools and salon/spa professionals introduce the ProGrow Teaching System training programs for students and licensed professionals and is now included as part of the curriculum with many courses at New England School of Hair Design.

This innovative training program allows course attendees to learn “success secrets” that when applied, can make the difference between earning a mediocre income and a 5 Star income.

Thousands of students nationwide have taken this course and as a result, are now delivering legendary customer service, while building their businesses and making money fast.

Students who graduate from a Nuts and Bolts Member School can expect to start their career with all the tools they need for success.