Beauty Industry

Careers in the Beauty Industry

To become a Cosmetologist, Manicurist or Cosmetology Teacher in the state of NH, you must first meet the licensing requirements. All three require you to have completed high school or the equivalent and pass a state licensing exam. A Cosmetologist must complete 1500 hours of training in a licensed school. A Manicurist must complete 300 hours in a licensed school. A Cosmetology Teacher must have a Cosmetology License or be scheduled for the exam and complete either 500 or 800 hours (depending on experience) and pass the state licensing exam.
The licensed Cosmetologist and Manicurist have many options for advancement in the field. Our graduates have expanded into many areas such as: teacher, school directors, salon owners and managers, technical specialists within the field, manicurists, nail technicians. The licensed Cosmetologist could also become a theatrical make-up artist and skin care specialist. Also, manufacturers provide highly paid positions as educational directors and guest artists, so who knows where you may go with your skills and talent. The physical demands of both require that a person have good eye hand coordination and a Cosmetologist must work while standing. These careers require you to work safely with chemicals and sharp instruments while keeping yourself and your customers in a sanitary environment.
The job demand is very high. In fact, the growing salon industry offers a dramatically unique “zero unemployment” factor.

Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology?

A Cosmetology Education offers…

  • Adaptability
  • Mobility
  • Portability
  • Specialization
  • Advancement
  • Motivation
  • Value